AC Maintenance

Not everyone is familiar with the mechanics of how their central air conditioning works, and that’s where the experts at Diamond Heating and Cooling come into play. However, there are some things everyone should know about their AC units to ensure proper functionality:

• Air filters – One of the most important rules to keep in mind when it comes to AC is to change the air filter every three months. Not following this rule will drastically reduce the life of the unit. Think about it like changing the oil in a car. If the owner forgets, the car engine could burn up and the whole thing will be ruined. It’s the same with heating and cooling units! They need maintenance and care as well. Homes that experience more wind or are in an area with large amounts of construction should replace the filter more often than the standard three months.

• Filter or Freon – There should be a 15 to 18 degree difference between the air coming out of and the air going into the air vent. If there is a greater difference between the two, the filter could be clogged. If the difference is less than that, the AC could be low on Freon. If this is a concern, the professionals at Diamond Heating and Cooling would love to inspect the unit and help solve the problem.

• Quick cooling – When cooling down a home that has gotten too warm, don’t turn the thermostat down to a significantly lower number. It will not cool down the house any faster, it just causes the AC to work longer, costing the homeowner more money.

• Ductwork Leaks – Have the ductwork checked for leaks. This is something Diamond Heating and Cooling does during AC maintenance and safety inspections. Cold air can leak into attics, causing the AC to run more often and wasting energy.

• Cleaning the Unit – The outside unit should be cleaned annually, preferably before turning it on during the warmer months. This can be done by the homeowner, or by a HVAC professional. For those Do-It-Yourselfers, make sure the power is off, then use the garden hose to gently rinse it.

• Conserve Water – During the summer months, the air conditioner can create over five gallons of condensate, which is clean water. Homeowners can set a barrel or bucket under the condensate line to catch the water and use it for gardening or other household purposes.


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