Preparing for Warm Weather

The Treasure Valley has been enjoying some sunshine and warmer weather, signaling that the start of spring is coming soon. Pretty soon everyone will be turning off their furnaces and waiting to turn on their air conditioners. Before summer hits and those air conditioners are necessary, make sure they are ready to go.

Diamond Heating and Cooling can do an Air Conditioner Safety Inspection to check the components in the AC before it needs to be turned on this summer. This inspection helps in preventing major damage from fire and part failure.

If it’s been awhile since there have been any maintenance or inspections on the air conditioner, consider letting Diamond Heating and Cooling do a Super Tune Up! It is an extreme cleaning on the air conditioner, in which they clean the indoor and outdoor coil along with many other components. Or, let them do a System Rejuvenation. They call this the ultimate cleaning of both the AC and furnace.

Air conditioner maintenance is crucial to keeping the house comfortable and cool during the hot summer weather Idaho typically experiences. It also extends the life of the AC. Call for an annual AC maintenance, or join their Silver Membership Club. For just $11.95 per month, maintenance will be performed twice a year. Non-club members spend $79 for a maintenance visit, but these visits are included in the membership costs for Silver Club members. Members also receive 20 percent off repairs!

Contact Diamond Heating and Cooling for AC maintenance, cleanings or emergencies. 24/7 service with no after hour fees for those emergencies that can’t wait!


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