Reduce Energy Costs This Spring

With all the recent sunshine, the furnace has probably been running a lot less. It gets plenty comfortable in the house during the day, but it’s still a little cold at night and in the morning. Take advantage of this weather and minimize energy costs with a few tricks.

When the temperature is comfortable outside, turn off the furnace or air conditioner and open the windows. The temperature in the house will stabilize without running the heating and cooling system, saving money. When the temperature becomes either too cold or too warm, the homeowner can always shut the windows and turn the system back on to regulate it.

When ceiling fans rotate in a counterclockwise motion, they blow air straight down, which is the preferable setting during warmer weather. Ceiling fans use little energy compared to the AC, so homeowners should try turning it on and letting it run with the windows open to keep the house cool instead of turning on the AC to use less energy.

Homeowners should use the sunlight to their advantage and let it shine through the windows. Not only does it warm up the home, but it eliminates the need for lights while doing everyday activities, saving money on both.

While it’s still a little colder at night, do the dishes and laundry late in the evening. These tasks produce heat, which could reduce the number of cycles when the furnace runs, lowering the energy bill. It might not seem like much, but it adds up over time.


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