History of Air Conditioning

Once viewed as somewhat of a luxury, air conditioning is now viewed as a necessity by many people. However, the basics haven’t changed too much, other than the efficiency aspect.

The first air conditioner-type unit was built in 1902 to prevent paper from wrinkling in the heat and humidity at the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company by Willis Carrier. These units were eventually made smaller and safer during the 1920’s because the older versions of the air conditioners used a toxic coolant.

They were first popular in movie theaters during the Depression. Then, after the war, American homeowners began installing them. In 1953, more than one million air conditioning units were sold. Since then they’ve only grown in popularity and use. They’ve also become more efficient with new innovations.

The efficiency upgrades in air conditioners have helped drop energy costs by an estimated 40 to 45 percent. Even as recently as a decade ago, the average electric bill was $150 for air conditioning, while it is now closer to $100.

Diamond Heating and Cooling can help keep the air conditioner running as efficiently as possible to keep that electric bill low. Ask them about their maintenance plans and how to save on air conditioner maintenance.


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