How Fans Cool

Many homeowners invest in fans to keep their house cool during the summer whether it be a ceiling fan or standing fans that rotate. They are beneficial in making the house feel cooler without having to turn on the air conditioner. However, they don’t actually lower the room temperature.

While they are circulating air around the room, they are also speeding up the evaporation of perspiration on skin, which creates what they call a wind-chill effect. It’s similar to when the weather man says it is 30 degrees outside, but with the wind it feels like 20.

The effect can help homeowners reduce their energy consumption during warm weather. In spring and early summer, fans can help keep the house cool without the need for air conditioning. And when it gets hot enough that air conditioning is necessary, fans allow homeowners to keep the air conditioner set at a slightly higher setting so it doesn’t run as much, but the house still feel cool.

To save money this summer while still keeping cool, invest in a fan. Ceiling fans work best, but any fan will help at least a little.


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