Lawn Care for HVACs

The outside component of HVAC systems needs care to stay running efficiently. By adding a couple steps to the lawn care process, the outside component can get the care it needs without a lot of fuss.

To run properly and efficiently, the outdoor heating and air conditioning unit needs at least 18 inches of clearance around it. This is so nothing obstructs its air flow. Many people but up a barrier or small fence around the unit and this distance is a good rule of thumb when constructing one.

If there are bushes or low hanging trees next to the unit, make sure to maintain them year round so they don’t grow to close to it. Tree roots can also alter the evenness of the base for the HVAC unit if they grow underneath.

Keep debris such as leaves and grass clippings away from the unit so they don’t alter the air flow and cause it to work extra hard. This can been done quickly when raking up fallen leaves or mowing the lawn.

If there are concerns that the unit is not running at optimal efficiency, give Diamond Heating and Cooling a call. They can run a performance test and do a maintenance check on the unit.


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