Unusual Finds

Some pretty odd things can be found in the duct-work of a house. It is often impossible to determine how these items mysteriously made their way into the ducts, but it makes for some pretty hilarious stories. Even the people at Diamond Heating and Cooling have found some interesting items when installing new heating and cooling systems.

Often times, food remnants are found in the duct-work. This could be due to construction workers carelessly tossing their garbage into the vents while building the home. This usually encompasses food related items that haven’t decayed such as coffee cups, beer bottles, food wrappers or chicken bones.

Kids have a habit of playing in things they shouldn’t, and sometimes this includes dropping items into the vents. A family once discovered their son had been dropping VHS tapes and books into the vent for quite a while, causing the air flow to be disrupted.

Some people take advantage of vents as hiding places for lock boxes, expensive jewelry, handguns and even some contraband.

Probably one of the most valuable duct-work finds was $300,000 worth of gold dust discovered in Sacramento. It had been stored in 12 baby food jars. It definitely covered the cost of that new HVAC installation!


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