Protecting HVAC Systems during Storms

Summer is a time for storms, and even HVAC systems are susceptible to damage caused by them. Homeowners should prepare their systems for storms to minimize the amount of damage they sustain.

When a storm is predicted or approaching, homeowners should turn off their HVAC system at the thermostat. If they can, they should turn off the power to both the indoor and outdoor units for even better safety. Some programmable thermostats have a time delay that prevents the system from restarting after a loss of power for a few minutes. This reduces the possibility of a damaged HVAC system.

The rain and wind that often come with summer storms can also cause a fair amount of damage. Heavy rain or flooding can swamp the central air conditioner outside. Make sure the outside component is securely installed and level. There is more chance of water build up if the concrete pad it sits on is not level.

Many people buy covers for the outside air conditioning component. This can help keep out excess water or debris blown around by the wind. Outside items such as patio furniture that could become airborne and fly into the HVAC unit should also be secured.

Taking measures to prevent damage doesn’t always mean it can’t happen. If homeowners are worried about the state of their system, give Diamond Heating and Cooling a call.


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