Setting the Thermostat for Vacation

During summer, people spend a lot of time on vacation. When they come home, they don’t want to come back to a boiling hot house. At the same time, they don’t want to pay for an unnecessary energy use.

To decide on the perfect temperature setting while on vacation, it depends on what homeowners normally set their AC temperature at while they are home. When on vacation, the thermostat should only be set five degrees higher than the normal setting. If it is normally set at 76 while they are home, they should set it at 81 while they are away.

This way they are not wasting extra energy, and the house won’t be overly warm when they return home. Cooling only changes the air 18 to 22 degrees, unlike heating, which changes the temperature 20 to 40 degrees.

When homeowners completely turn off the air conditioning, they are risking mold and mildew caused by the heat and humidity. Humidity damage occurs above 90 degrees, which a home in Boise could easily reach easily during a warm summer day.


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