Solar-Powered HVACs

Many people are turning toward alternative sources of power, one of them being solar. Now, solar energy can be used in conjunction with heating and air conditioning units. These solar energy systems generate electricity from the sun and use it to power HVAC systems, along with other electrical items.

In many markets, solar power costs less than traditional power. Purchasing and installing a solar power system can cost a bit, but the lowered energy bill should make up for it over time. Many different carriers are offering solar power systems now to work with HVAC systems.

The two main types of solar power systems are stand-alone or grid-connected. The stand-alone systems operate independently from the electric utility grid. Primarily, the batteries are used for energy storage.

The grid-connected systems work with the electric utility grid. The power produced by the grid-connected system can directly supply the HVAC for heating and cooling and also the rest of the building with electricity. Or, it can back-feed the grid if it generates more electricity than the building needs.

Switching to solar power to operate the HVAC unit and other electrical devices will decrease the energy bill. In many states, business owners might be able to take advantage of incentives to lower operating costs as well. Going solar might be costly at first, but it will pay for itself over time.


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