Extra Ways to Boost Efficiency

Everyone likes to stay cool in the summer, but running the AC constantly can rack up the electricity bill pretty fast. There are some ways to boost the AC’s efficiency and reduce the heat inside, which can help keep the electricity bill lower this summer.

Planting some extra foliage around the house can help boost efficiency by shading the outside unit. Larger, leafy trees could also block some of the sun that hits the house, keeping it cooler inside. Most of the heat inside a home is caused by sun shining on the roof or through windows.

Solar screens or window film can also help to block the sun from heating up the house. Solar screens in particular can intercept up to 70 percent of solar energy before it gets inside.

Go old school and use box fans to circulate air throughout the house. This will at least make it feel cooler while people are home. The thermostat won’t have to be set at such a low temperature.

For homeowners with a basement, turn it into the perfect summer hangout spot. Since heat rises, basements are often a lot cooler than the rest of the house. They can be the perfect place to watch movies or have a family game night.

Take a break from the kitchen and cook dinner outside or in the microwave. Using the stove-top or oven can drastically increase the heat in the house, making it unbearable. That’s why grilling is such a summer favorite. If cooking inside is necessary, try the microwave. It will get done faster and won’t put out heat like the other appliances.

For homeowners worried about the efficiency of their AC, they should give Diamond Heating and Cooling a call. With their Air Conditioner Safety Inspection, they can make sure each component is working properly.


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