Why AC Units Need Cleaned

Many people think just routinely changing the filters in their air conditioning unit will keep everything running smoothly. While that is an important thing to remember, it is not the only maintenance the AC requires. There are many steps to keeping an air conditioner cleaned and maintained so it is running at its peak performance.

Changing the air filter is a good start. Clogged filters block the necessary airflow and reduce the AC’s efficiency. Consequently, the air that makes it through the filter carries dirt directly into the evaporator coil. This impairs the coil’s heat absorbing capacity, making it harder for the AC to cool the air coming in.

Even with a clean air filter, the coils can collect dirt over time. Again, this prevents it from being able to absorb heat and properly cool down the room. Air conditioners can collect dirt at a faster rate due to what is near the unit outside. To minimize this, clear away dirt, debris and foliage that is close to the outside unit. It is recommended to cut back any bushes or trees so they are at least two feet away from the outside unit.

AC units also have condensation drains. When these drain channels get clogged, the AC can’t reduce humidity. They sometimes need to be unclogged and cleaned to make sure excess water doesn’t build up.

The maintenance for an HVAC unit can be a lot to handle, that’s why it is recommended for homeowners to call a professional. Diamond Heating and Cooling can keep the AC running smoothly with their maintenance plans.


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