Dealing with Smoky Air

With fires popping up all around the region, smoke is beginning to affect the quality of air. This can especially be an issue for those with asthma or other lung/heart issues. It’s best to stay up to date with the air quality reports in the area to help avoid problems.

Often, older adults and children are more likely to be affected my poor air quality. Older adults have an increased risk of heart and lung disease while children’s airways are still in development. This means they require more air than adults.

To reduce the negative health effects from smoky air, limit outdoor exposure and have proper medication handy. Those most affected should follow their respiratory management plan set by their health care provider.

When inside, keep the air as clean as possible. Windows and doors should be kept shut when smoke or allergen levels are high. Set the air conditioner on re-circulate to keep outside air out. Diamond Heating and Cooling also recommends and installs two air filtration systems to improve home air quality; the OxyQuantum LED- Unit and the Micro Power Guard Air Cleaner both help improve the air quality by removing airborne particles and allergens.

In addition to filtration systems, staying hydrated and avoiding physical exertion can also help keep asthma symptoms at bay when smoke is in the air. Staying hydrated keeps the airways moist, making it easier to breathe.

With wildfire season in full force, it’s important to say alert and be prepared for air quality warnings.


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