Fixing Noisy AC units

Although air conditioning systems make some noise while running, if the volume increases or frequnecy, there could be something wrong with the system. With so many different components to the AC unit, there could be a variety of problems causing it to be louder than normal.

Compressor Motor

When the compressor motor starts to develop problems, the motor can start to rattle, causing excess noise. If this is the case, the noise will usually only occur when the system is starting or shutting off.

Fan Motor

Both the inside and outside air conditioning units have fan motors, which may start making noise when they need lubrication. The bearing could also be going bad in the motor.

Fan Cage

If the cage surrounding the fans becomes damaged, the blades may rub against it. This creates excessive noise and can cause issues.

Fan Blades

The air conditioning fan blades can also get bent and damaged from debris. By clearing away bushes and low-hanging branches from the outside AC unit, debris will be kept away from the fan blades.

If the AC unit starts making worrisome sounds, contact Diamond Heating and Cooling a call. They can figure out why it’s being more vocal than usual and fix the problem.


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