Leaky AC Units

Air conditioners often have condensation from the dehumidifying process. However, when water begins to pool or increase in frequency or amount, it’s not part of the normal process. Here’s what could be going on:

  • Broken Pump

This is the most common culprit. Homeowners can test this possibility by pouring water in the condenser pan to see if it properly pumps out the excess.

  • Improperly Installed

When not level, air conditioners can leak, causing water to pool.

  • Drain Hole Blocked

Dirt and debris can get into the drain hole and clog it.

  • Outside Temperature is Too Cold

When mornings and nights start to get colder, it can cause water build-up. Usually this goes away as the temperature goes up.

  • Air Leakage

Seals that are not tight can cause moisture to pool below the unit. Excess air makes its way into the unit, which then condenses.

Routine maintenance and system checks can help alleviate the possibility of most of the above problems. However, sometimes the drain pan in the furnace can get a build-up of water and create a musty smell. To solve this issue, Diamond Heating and Cooling can install a pan treatment. This reduces the build-up in the condensate lines and neutralizes odors. The treatment is just $39 and the service technicians have them on hand.


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