Fall Allergens

While most people suffer allergies in spring and summer, there are still allergy triggers for some in the fall. Many people with spring allergies are also allergic to the biggest fall trigger, ragweed. Although it starts releasing pollen in August, it can last well into the fall months.

Ragweed pollen can travel for hundreds of miles in the wind, affecting those who don’t have the weed anywhere near them. Because of this, it can be hard to get away from. Staying inside as much as possible during the peak pollenating times is often the best advice. However, without a good air filter, sometimes not even staying at home will help.

The professionals at Diamond Heating and Cooling are passionate about helping people deal with their allergies in Boise and the surrounding areas. They suggest trying the Micro Power Guard by Nature’s Home. It’s easily adapted to any furnace that has a spot for a one inch or larger filter.

More than just a filter, the Micro Power Guard is an electronic polarized media air cleaner. It filters out sub-micronic allergens as small as .3 microns. That makes a huge difference when 98 percent of airborne particles are invisible and below one micron in size. Most store-bought filters can’t filter out these smaller particles, leaving those with allergies still suffering.

If rag weed is a problem this fall, ask Diamond Heating and Cooling how they can help. Don’t suffer through another season, get rid of allergens indoors with the right air filter.


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