Winter Heating Myths

When it comes to heating and cooling tips, some can turn out to be plain wrong. When keeping the house warm this winter, ignore these five common myths:

  1. Turning off the heat during the day saves energy

This could turn out to be more expensive. Letting the temperature drop forces the furnace to work even harder to get the heat back up to a comfortable temperature. It can also cause the pipes to freeze and burst.

  1. Cold feet in winter is normal

This could be a sign that the home isn’t weatherized properly. There could be drafts coming from the floor meaning cracks are present. Adding caulking or weather-stripping the area where cold air is coming through can make the area more comfortable and cut down on heating costs.

  1. Weatherizing and insulating is expensive

Installing heavier drapes can help block cold air and keep the warmth in. Many homeowners also block possible drafts under doors to keep the cold air out. Small changes can help decrease the heating bill.

  1. Electric blankets waste energy

They actually use very little energy and are more energy efficient than using a normal blanket and turning up the thermostat. Adding an electric blanket to the bed can be a great alternative to cranking the heat up during those cold winter nights

  1. Portable space heaters use too much energy

These units can be an energy efficient option in a poorly insulated house. They tend to work best in small spaces, but can help cut down on the use of the furnace. Remember to keep everything three feet away from the heater when in use.

Staying warm in the winter doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. And for emergency heating issues, Diamond Heating and Cooling is always available. Give them a call at (208)378-6624 for 24/7 heating issues.


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