5 Tips to Save Energy This Winter

It can be hard to keep the house warm and simultaneously keep energy costs down. Cranking up the furnace just makes the energy bill go up. Instead of deciding between freezing or letting the checkbook take a hit, try these ideas to keep the heating bill down and still stay comfortable:

  1. Utilize the Sun

The sun can heat up a room when the curtains or blinds are opened. Once the sun goes down, closing the curtains or blinds can keep the heat in for a while. It’s a free heat source that should be taken advantage of as much as possible. Dirty, dusty windows don’t let as much sunlight in, so giving them a scrub can help the sunlight filter in better.

  1. Bundle Up

Stay warmer by throwing on a sweater and wearing warm socks or slippers while lounging around the house. The body heat will help negate the need for the furnace to be turned up so high. Invest in some warm blankets and quilts for beds and couches. Wood and laminate floors can be cold to walk on, especially in winter. Put rugs down on the frequently used areas to keep the chill away.

  1. Keep the Furnace Clean

A furnace is like a car. If it isn’t serviced properly, it won’t run right and will begin to wear down. Having the furnace serviced for yearly maintenance, and keeping the vents and furnace clean can help cut down on energy consumption. Make sure to also check the furnace filter monthly, and replace it every three months minimum.

  1. Get a Humidifier

Moist air feels warmer and holds heat better. That’s why investing in a humidifier could help keep the thermostat a little lower this winter. As a bonus it can also keep skin from getting dry, which tends to happen during the colder months.

  1. Insulate

Many homes are in need of better insulation. Heat can escape easily if a house is poorly insulated, costing homeowners hundreds of dollars in heating bills. Foam weather stripping on doors and windows can seal up cracks, adding extra insulation and keeping heat in.

If the furnace isn’t working as efficiently as in the past, give Diamond Heating and Cooling a call. Some furnace maintenance and tuning can help get it back to running the way it should. Ask about our heating maintenance plans that save homeowners money on heating and cooling services.


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