Five Reasons to Change Your Furnace Filter

Furnace filters are often neglected. It’s recommended to change them at least every three months to keep everything working properly. Although every three months may seem almost annoyingly frequent, it will make the HVAC system much happier. Here are five reasons to regularly change the furnace filter:

  1. Extends the life of the HVAC unit

A dirty filter is the number #1 reason the HVAC system shuts down. Clogged filters restrict air flow, causing the system to overheat. This leads to the system breaking down more frequently and limits its life span.

  1. Keeps energy costs down

Clogged filters work harder to produce heat, which uses more energy. This can cause the energy bill to increase even more in the winter. Homeowners who consistently change their furnace filter can save anywhere from 5 to 15 percent on their utility costs.

  1. Maintains healthy air quality

Dirty air filters impact the air quality in the home, which can have a negative effect on those with allergies or asthma. Changing the filter helps keep air clean and everyone breathing easy. Ask Diamond Heating and Cooling about the Micro Power Guard to keep air even cleaner.

  1. Keeps the HVAC system clean

When a filter is clogged with dirt for a long period of time, that dirt can pollute the entire HVAC system. This leads to extra repairs, services and money spent trying to get the system working properly again.

  1. Peace of Mind

Replacing the furnace filter is the easiest step one can take to ensure their HVAC system continues to work properly. Furnace issues in the middle of winter can be stressful, and can leave the family shivering until it can be fixed. Don’t let a clogged filter be the reason the system breaks.

Along with changing the filter regularly, the HVAC system should be serviced at least twice a year. Usually before summer and before winter. Diamond Heating and Cooling offers HVAC maintenance plans to cut costs and keep their clients’ systems working great. Ask them about their Silver Membership Club and start saving on HVAC maintenance.


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