Rusty Coils and Freon Leaks

Often, homeowners find rust on their air conditioner coil, and begin to worry about a Freon leak. On older coils, rust is natural. However, if the coil is newer and there is a significant amount of rust on it, that could be an indication of a Freon leak.

Newer coils permeated with rust could be experiencing Freon leaks that are freezing over and rusting the coil. There is a lot happening in the coil while it tries to cool the air, making it a hostile environment. The erosion, thermal cycling and stress can contribute to evaporator coil failure. If it does fail, it is likely to cause a Freon leak.

However, most people don’t need to worry too much about Freon leaks compromising their health. Those with a history of heart problems are the most at risk when exposed to very high concentrations of Freon. They can experience heart palpitations and an irregular heartbeat. If it is a small amount, there really isn’t any cause for concern. It also has no known long term health consequences.

Small Freon leaks can be tolerated up to 12 months, and usually aren’t repaired. More Freon is added during the spring in this case. However, large leaks can be problematic. One way homeowners can tell if there’s a possible Freon leak is if the air conditioner isn’t pumping out enough cold air.

To catch this early, or even prevent it from happening, annual air conditioner maintenance should be done. Diamond Heating and Cooling checks the coil cleanliness during their safety inspection of the air conditioning unit. They also assess the Freon levels during maintenance.

Whether homeowners simply need a safety inspection or a system rejuvenation, Diamond Heating and Cooling has them covered. Homeowners can also save money by signing up for Diamond Heating and Cooling’s Silver Membership Club. For just $11.95 per month, Diamond Heating and Cooling will come out twice a year to preform A/C and furnace maintenance. Also, club members get 20% off repairs along with other savings. Never worry about Freon leaks with this amazing maintenance plan.


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