Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump

Homeowners concerned with the efficiency of their heating and cooling system should consider having Diamond Heating and Cooling install a heat pump. Heat pumps can work with the existing heating and cooling system to heat and cool the home more efficiently, which could help homeowners save money on their energy bills.

Heat pumps can be fueled by electricity or gas. The HVAC experts at Diamond Heating and Cooling can help determine which type will work best for each home. The electrically-fueled pumps do boast a few more benefits than their gas-fueled counterparts.

Although it is called a heat pump, it can also function as an air conditioner during the warmer months. By transferring heat from the house they create a cooling effect throughout the home. With this, the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as much or as hard, saving homeowners on energy bills.

When heat pumps are used during colder months, they provide a more uniform heating throughout the home. Electric heat pumps don’t create temperature fluctuations like other systems, which helps to keep the home at a more even temperature. They also don’t create dry air, eliminating the need for a humidifier.

Electric heat pumps are also quieter when in use than other types of heat pumps. The air compressor is generally placed outside of the building, which helps with noise reduction. The electric heat pumps boast some environmental benefits too, because they don’t pollute the environment like other heat pump systems sometimes do.

As with heating and cooling systems, heat pumps do require some maintenance. The filter should be changed regularly, about the same time as the furnace filter. Homeowners might consider changing it once a month if they use the heat pump on a regular basis.

If homeowners want to start saving money on their energy bills this summer, they should talk to Diamond Heating and Cooling about installing a heat pump. They can install a heat pump to work with the heating and cooling system and repair it if any problems arise.


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