Window Units vs. Central Air

When it comes to energy expenses, heating and cooling often make up a huge portion of the burden. During the summer, homeowners are constantly trying to find a way to stay cool while saving energy and money, whether it be with a central air conditioner or a window unit.

Central air conditioning consists of a condenser that is in the yard or on the roof of the home. This condenser takes advantage of the house’s duct work system and blows cold air through the ducts and into the rooms in the house. A window air conditioning unit is a box designed to sit in a window and cools only a single room. The unit contains a condenser, evaporator, thermostat, and fans.

For homeowners choosing between these two options, they need to consider the following factors:

Energy Usage

Window AC: These units can use anywhere between 500 and 1440 watts of electricity to run.

Central Air: This system uses about 3500 watts.

While it might look like a window AC would use less energy, it can’t cool a whole house like central air does. It would take a window unit in each room to do what a central air system does. If only one room needs to be cooled, then a window unit might be the best option.

Cost of Installation

Window units are fairly easy for homeowners to install themselves, which drastically cuts the cost of installation. Central air system need to be installed by a HVAC technician, such as the experts at Diamond Heating and Cooling. This will cost more than the window option, but often other factors outweigh cost.

Convenience and Comfort

Many people put convenience and comfort above other factors when it comes to air conditioning. Central AC systems have programmable thermostats, making them easy to manage. Homeowners also enjoy having the entire house the same temperature.

Diamond Heating and Cooling can install all types of AC systems and will regularly inspect and service it as well. Talk to them about what cooling system would work best for your home.


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