5 HVAC Sounds That Mean Trouble

When the HVAC system is working correctly, it’s generally pretty quiet. If homeowners are hearing sounds that aren’t normal, or the HVAC system is sounding louder than usual, it could be signaling a problem that needs to be fixed. Keep an ear open for these sounds:

  1. Squealing

If the blower motor is producing a squealing or screeching noise, it could be the result of a bad belt or motor bearing issues. The blower won’t turn if the belt is broken, so belts should be checked and replaced as needed.

  1. Clanking

Loud, banging noises generally point to an issue with the blower assembly or motor. A loose component in the system will create a rattling noise. If this happens, call Diamond Heating and Cooling to fix the loose or broken component.

  1. Thumping

If there’s a noise similar to a playing card hitting the spokes on a bicycle, something is impacting the blower blades. It could either be stuck or contacting something when the blower turns. This can cause the motor to wear out faster and need replaced sooner.

  1. Clicking

While clicking is usually a normal sound when the system turns on and off, if it is repetitive, there could be an issue. Repetitive clicking from the control panel or outside compressor could mean a relay is defective.

  1.  Rattling

If there’s a rattling sound when the fan turns on, there could be loose hardware or a failing motor. The seriousness of the issue can generally be measured by how loud the sound is. If the noise is more like a scream, the compressor could be failing.

Homeowners who hear any of the above sounds should contact Diamond Heating and Cooling. They will inspect the HVAC system and fix the problem. To prevent issues like this in the future, have the experts at Diamond Heating and Cooling regularly service the HVAC system. Regular service can help cut down on repair and energy costs.


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