Staying Cool Outdoors

Staying cool during the summer heat while indoors is easy, just turn on the air conditioner. Staying cool while outside is a bit harder. Learn how to enjoy being outside this summer while also staying cool with these tips:

  1. Clothing

Clothing can have a big impact on how the heat affects a person when they are outside. By wearing clothing that is breathable, loose fitting, and lighter colored, you will be able to stay cooler. Darker colors are warmer in direct sunlight than lighter colors. Looser-fitting clothing allows for breathing room and allows the body to cool down easier when a person sweats.

  1. Shade

When outside, try to be in an area where shade is present, whether natural or artificial, shade can be a lifesaver on hot days. Consider this when planning activities such as hiking, or playing sports. Having a patch of shade around is a good idea.

  1. Water

Heat makes it even more essential to drink the recommended amount of water each day. When participating in outdoor activities, people need even more water. Carry a water bottle when outside, and be sure to drink consistently, not just when thirsty.

  1. Soak Fabric

Soak a shirt, bandana, hat or another piece of clothing to help keep cool. When there’s a breeze or shade, it will feel even cooler with that piece of fabric drenched in water. Also running water over the points on the body where veins and arteries are closest to the skin such as wrists, ankles, back of the knees, elbows, and neck to help cool down.

  1. Nose Breathing

When a person breathes through their nose rather than their mouth, the body conserves its water supply better. Breathing through one’s mouth requires the body to provide more moisture to the throat, mouth and nasal pathways.

Stay cool indoors and outside this summer with these tips. Having trouble staying cool with the air conditioner? Have the experts at Diamond Heating and Cooling take a look to see why it isn’t cooling effectively.


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