Controlling Indoor Air Quality

Investing in a smart thermostat doesn’t just help cut down on costs and keep the home more comfortable, it can also positively impact indoor air quality. Clean air helps ease the suffering of allergy and asthma sufferers, along with preserving parts of the home.

Homes with wooden flooring and decorative or architectural woodwork can be affected by humidity. It can cause the wood to warp and curl if there is too much humidity or crack and shrink when there is too little. Other things that be affected by severe relative humidity levels include artwork and electronic equipment.

When installing a new HVAC system, homeowners can consider pairing it with a home automation system. This can help homeowners to effectively monitor, regulate, and affect the conditions of the indoor atmosphere. Instead of only regulating heating and cooling, these systems also control air cleaners, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers.

This takes the guesswork out of setting humidifiers and dehumidifiers, which can have a huge impact on indoor air quality. The recommended relative humidity should be 35 to 50 percent, with the temperature ranging from 60 to 80 degrees.

By combining the technology of smart thermostats and home automation systems, homeowners don’t have to worry about adjusting temperatures and humidity throughout the day to keep the home comfortable. It can be put on a schedule or range to automatically adjust. Being able to monitor all of these aspects can help homeowners protect their family’s health and furnishings both at the same time.

Homeowners worried about controlling indoor air quality should contact the experts at Diamond Heating and Cooling. Talk to them about smart thermostats and air cleaners. Diamond Heating and Cooling offers the Micro Power Air Guard Air Cleaner that filters out sub-micronic allergens, dust and dirt to create a healthier indoor environment.


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