Setting the Thermostat Too Low

It can be tempting after a long, hot day to crank the air conditioner to a lower setting when coming home to a hot house. However, setting the AC too low to cool everything down faster can cause quite a few issues. Here are some things that could happen:


If the inside of the house is too cold and the outside too hot, the combination could create extra moisture inside the house. This causes a vapor to build up in the walls that could cause mold and rotting walls.


When homeowners set the air conditioner to an extremely low temperature to cool the house faster, it makes the AC work overtime trying to reach a temperature that is unattainable. If this continues, the AC could start to wear down from the strain and begin to fail.

Expensive Bills

The overuse of the air conditioner means more energy being used in vain. The energy bill will begin to skyrocket, but the house won’t get any cooler.

Instead of turning the air conditioner to arctic temperatures while attempting to cool the house down, consider investing in a programmable thermostat. This way the thermostat can increase the home’s temperature by a few degrees while everyone is away and lower the energy bill, and then begin to cool it back down half an hour before the homeowners arrive home.

Don’t waste money trying to cool down the house too fast. The only outcome will be an expensive energy bill and worn out air conditioner in need of repairs or replacement soon. If the air conditioner isn’t as efficient at cooling down the house as before, talk to the experts at Diamond Heating and Cooling. They can take a look at the problem and help homeowners get their AC back up and running efficiently in no time.


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