Air Conditioner Smells

When the air conditioner has an abnormal odor coming from it, that smell usually indicates some sort of problem either with the AC itself or something else around the home. Here are some of the common smells that can come from the air conditioner and what they might mean:

Burning Smell

A burning smell radiating from the air conditioning unit usually means there is an electrical problem. The blower motor may have overheated or there could be a mechanical failure of some sort causing the plastic insulation on wires to melt and smell.  Another common cause for a burning smell is a dirty air filter. Check and change the filter first, and then call Diamond Heating and Cooling if that doesn’t resolve the issue.

Rotten Eggs Smell

This smell comes from a backed up sewage line that has split near a break in the air duct system. The methane gases are causing the smell as they begin to circulate through the air ducts. This presents a much bigger issue than dealing with a broken air conditioner component and will need the assistance of a plumber to repair the sewage line.

Musty Smell

A musty smell often indicates mold. If the air conditioner is giving off a musty odor there is a good chance mold has begun developing inside the air conditioner. It needs a good cleaning, and a new air filter. The whole air conditioning unit including the coils and condensation drain line should be cleaned, which is a job for the experts at Diamond Heating and Cooling.

With regular maintenance, many of these problems can be prevented or detected in advance. Talk to Diamond Heating and Cooling about yearly HVAC maintenance for the air conditioner and furnace, or call them if one of these smells becomes evident in the home.


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