Evaporator Coil Problems

The coils in an air conditioning unit are extremely important in the cooling process. To remove the heat inside the building, the air conditioner circulates a compressed refrigerant between two series of coils: the evaporator coils and the condensing coils.

If the evaporator coils encounter problems, then the air conditioner will not be able to properly cool the home or business. Here are some common issues that can impede the effectiveness of the coils:

  1. Dirt and Dust

The air that comes inside while the air conditioner is running must pass over the evaporator coils. This dirt and dust can stick to the evaporator coils making it more difficult for the coils to cool down the air. This is because the dirt and dust can insulate the coils too much.

  1. Moisture

Condensation can develop on the evaporator coils when hot air passes over them because of the cold refrigerant inside of the coils. This moisture helps to attract and trap dirt, dust and bacteria. This will lead to less effective cooling and possibly the development of mold.

  1. Freezing

Many things can cause the evaporator coils to freeze. It could be low refrigerant levels or insufficient air flow caused by a clogged filter or broken fan motor. Frozen coils put strain on the air conditioner, which could force it to breakdown.

One way to prevent these evaporator coil problems is with annual maintenance by the experts at Diamond Heating and Cooling. During their annual air conditioner servicing, they check the coils for cleanliness, mold-like debris, and check for sufficient refrigerant levels.

For those not part of the Silver Club Membership, annual maintenance is $79. For club members, they get this service twice a year for just $11.95 a month. That’s not all, however. Silver Club members also receive:

  • Guaranteed appointments within 24 hours
  • Free Safety Check
  • Free Fall Maintenance on Furnace
  • Free Spring Maintenance on A/C
  • 2 free 1” standard pleating filers per year
  • 20% discount on all parts and labor
  • $19.95 diagnostic fee
  • 20% discount on IAQ
  • Blower motor pulled at no charge once every 3 years of membership

Save money while keeping the air conditioner and furnace both running in top shape with Diamond Heating and Cooling’s Silver Club Membership. Visit the website to learn more.


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