Fall Allergy Facts

While most people deal with spring and summer allergies, there are some who have to deal with allergies during the fall season too. Those who are sensitive to mold and ragweed pollen might not welcome fall with open arms. However, ragweed and mold aren’t the only triggers present in the fall. Here are four lesser known facts about fall allergies:

  1. Hay Fever

Contrary to the name, hay fever has nothing to do with hay. Ragweed is a common cause of hay fever and it begins to pollenate in mid-August. Ragweed can continue to pollenate until a hard freeze depending on the area.

  1. Indian Summers

If the temperature stays unseasonably warm into fall, allergies are more likely to stick around longer. It is also a perfect environment for mold spores to be released and cause problems.

  1. Raking Leaves

This autumn chore can be worse for those with allergies. Raking leaves can kick up pollen and mold into the air and worsen allergies.

  1. School Allergens

Children with allergies might have a hard time readjusting to school. The classroom can be the home of irritants and allergy triggers such as chalk dust and class pets. Make sure children, as well as their teacher, know what to do for their allergies or asthma in a situation.

While it might be hard to limit allergens and pollen outside of the home this fall, there is a way to keep them out of the house. Talk to Diamond Heating and Cooling about installing the Micro Power Guard. It’s not just a filter, but an electronic polarized media air cleaner that can filter out sub-micronic allergens. Ninety-eight percent of airborne particles are invisible and below one micron in size, which store-bought filters aren’t capable of filtering out.

Visit Diamond Heating and Cooling’s website to learn more about this air cleaner and read testimonies about how it has reduced allergies and asthma attacks in the home.


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