Winter Vacation Thermostat Settings

As many people are getting ready to travel for the holidays, it is important for homeowners to take a second to reset the thermostat so they don’t pay for heat they didn’t use. Here ‘s how to lower the heating bill while away, but also keep the house safe from freezing.

During vacations or a weekend away in the summer, the thermostat can be turned off completely with no real consequence. However, in winter that isn’t an option. The thermostat needs to be set no lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit while away. This prevents appliances and pipes from freezing and causing flooding.

However, not everyone wants to come home to a 50-degree house and freeze while waiting for it to warm back up. In that case, lower it about four degrees below the normal setting. Then, it won’t take as much energy and time to get the house back up to the normal temperature when returning. If the furnace is gas, it can be lowered six degrees because it takes less work to heat homes with a gas furnace.

A great option for those who take trips often, is a programmable thermostat. That way they can set it to lower and increase temperature before and after they leave. They can set it to decrease temperature while they are away and increase the heat when they are on their way back home so the house is at the desired temperature when they arrive home.

Programmable thermostats also work great for day-to-day operation. Many homeowners choose to lower the home’s temperature while they are at work since nobody is home to enjoy the heat and increase it when they get off work.

Talk to Diamond Heating and Cooling about setting up a programmable thermostat. There are also “smart thermostat” options available that can be accessed using a smart phone letting homeowners control their heating and cooling remotely.


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