5 Factors that Affect Furnace Efficiency

Every furnace has an efficiency rating, which describes how efficiently is it capable of operating. Keeping it running at that optimal efficiency level can be difficult if it is being affected by outside factors. There are five main factors that can increase or decrease a furnace’s efficiency. Read on to learn about them.

  1. Maintenance

A furnace that is serviced regularly by an HVAC professional will operate more efficiently. During furnace maintenance, Diamond Heating and Cooling will tune up the system, and fix any issues to make sure the furnace is running at its best.

  1. Air Filter

Air filters have a huge impact on the efficiency of the furnace. When they become dirty and clogged, it can cause many issues. At least every three months, homeowners should check the filter and change it when necessary. The furnace filters are likely to need changed more often during winter when the HVAC system is being used more frequently.

  1. Thermostat Settings

Setting the thermostat at a high temperature to heat up the house faster, or when it’s extremely cold outside can lower the efficiency of the furnace. When the temperature difference between inside and outside is large, it’s harder for the furnace to keep up. Try to keep the thermostat lower to increase efficiency.

  1. Insulation

Homes with good insulation keep more heat in, which means less work for the furnace during the winter. The furnace will run less frequently, using less energy, while still maintaining a comfortable temperature and without breaking the bank.

  1. Air Leaks

Doors, windows, and other areas can have cracks, or just not be sealed properly, letting air seep through. This causes the furnace to run more frequently trying to keep up with demand and lowering efficiency. Check the weather stripping around doors and windows annually, repairing or replacing any that might be damaged.

With annual service, Diamond Heating and Cooling can make sure the furnace is running smoothly. Talk to us about scheduling annual maintenance, or joining the Silver Membership Club to save on this service. Our team is also available for any HVAC emergencies homeowners might encounter this winter.


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