Don’t Ignore These Smells

Strange smells coming from the furnace should definitely not be ignored. They could indicate that the furnace isn’t working properly, which could lead to furnace failure. There are three specific smells homeowners should be on the lookout for.

Electric or Metallic Smells

Electrical or metallic smells can smell similar to burning wires. They are generally a result of certain components getting too hot inside the furnace. It could also mean that the parts inside the furnace made of rubber or metal are burning due to old age or wear and tear. If homeowners notice an electrical or metallic smell emanating from the furnace, it should be shut off immediately and Diamond Heating and Cooling should be called for repairs.

Rotten Egg Smell

Most homeowners are aware that this smell means there’s likely a gas leak in the furnace. Most gas companies scent their gas with this type of smell so it’s easier for homeowners to determine when a leak is present. Gas leaks are very serious, and the furnace should be shut off immediately if this smell is present.

Dusty Burning Smells

This is a common smell that homeowners encounter when turning the furnace on for the first time during winter. If it goes away after a bit, then there’s no problem. It’s when they smell sticks around for longer than a few hours that homeowners should be concerned.

First, replace the air filter. If that doesn’t solve the issue, it’s time to call Diamond Heating and Cooling for a furnace check-up. It could be a bigger problem, or may be an indicator that the furnace needs a good deep cleaning.

Regular furnace maintenance can help keep these smells away, but not always. Homeowners who encounter any of these smells when their furnace is running should call Diamond Heating and Cooling right away to identify the source of the problem.


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