Trust Your Senses with HVAC Issues

Air conditioner

When people sense something wrong, they are using one or more of their senses. Those senses can help homeowners determine if their HVAC system is in trouble. Read on to find out which three of your senses to use when it comes to the HVAC system.

  1. Smell

The HVAC system can put out a lot of different smells especially when first turned on in the spring or summer. If something doesn’t smell right, the best thing to do is turn off the system and call Diamond Heating and Cooling right away. Over 10 percent of home fires reported annually are related to the HVAC system.

  1. Hearing

Most air conditioners make a bit of noise when starting, which is normal. However, any unusual sounds like grinding, squealing, or clicking could indicate a serious problem. Be aware of what the air conditioner usually sounds like, and listen for any new noises when it is running this year.

  1. Touch

Air conditioners are geared toward the sense of touch or feeling. Their entire goal is to make the home feel more comfortable and cool. It’s fairly easy to tell when it isn’t doing its job by this sense. One room may be not getting as cool as the rest of the house, or the temperature isn’t matching the thermostat. Either way, call Diamond Heating and Cooling for help.

Use your senses to help determine if there’s an issue with the HVAC system when the air conditioner is in use this spring or summer. If any issues arise, Diamond Heating and Cooling can run diagnostics to figure out the problem.

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