Why Schedule Annual HVAC Maintenance?

Furnace Maintenance Boise

Boise and the surrounding area might still be getting hit with heat, but fall will be here before we know it. The best time to get the furnace serviced is before it’s going to be used. This makes the transition time between summer and fall the perfect time for HVAC maintenance.

Many people wonder why Diamond Heating and Cooling recommends annual maintenance checks for the air conditioner and furnace. Well, it’s really to save homeowners money. When their technicians come out to perform maintenance, they inspect all the components of the furnace, checking them for possible issues.

In doing this, they can catch major issues before they happen, saving homeowners hundreds of dollars later in the year. Without that maintenance, a part might break that needs replacing or the entire system could be compromised, leaving homeowners with no heat in the middle of winter.

Annual maintenance does cost money, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Diamond Heating and Cooling offers customers the Silver Club Membership, which is a great way to save on maintenance costs and be sure the system gets serviced in the spring and fall.

Members pay $13.50 a month for this service, during which Diamond Heating and Cooling will come out twice a year to perform maintenance on the air conditioner and furnace. Here are some other great savings and perks that members receive:

Guaranteed appointment within 24 hours

Free safety check

2 free 1-inch standard pleated filters a year

20% discount on all service parts and labor

$49.00 diagnostic fee

20% discount on IAQ

Blower motor pulled at no charge once every 3 years of membership

All HVAC systems qualify for the membership. Don’t wait for the furnace to break down before getting it checked. Schedule annual maintenance and save with the help of Diamond Heating and Cooling.



5 Reasons the AC Isn’t Producing Air

It’s been hot in Boise and throughout the Treasure Valley and everyone is turning to air conditioning for relief. For some, the AC might not be working properly, making it hard to stay cool. If the air conditioner isn’t moving much air, there are a few issues that could causing the problem:

  1. Dirty Air Filter

With the temperature staying steadily in the upper 90’s and low 100’s, the air conditioner is having to work even harder than usual. This can mean an excess of debris being caught in the air filter. Check the filter more often in extreme temperatures and change it out as needed.

  1. Dirty Evaporator Coil

If dirt and debris has found its way inside the air conditioning system, it can prevent the coil from removing the warm air from the house. No matter how much the air conditioner runs, the house won’t get cool. During annual AC maintenance checks Diamond Heating and Cooling checks for this issue to prevent blocked air flow later.

  1. Frozen Evaporator Coil

If the coil gets too cold, the condensation will freeze it, rendering it useless. Low airflow from a dirty filter or a refrigerant leak can cause the coil to freeze.

  1. Air Ducts

Air ducts carry the air throughout the house. If there’s an issue with them such as a leak, loose or disconnected ductwork, or kinks if it is flex ductwork, the air might not be flowing through them properly.

  1. Blower Issues

The blower forcefully moves the air into the ducts to be dispersed. If it isn’t working properly, it won’t be able to move the air into the home. The blower can be dirty, have a loose or worn fan belt, or be faulty.

If the air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air or any air, call Diamond Heating and Cooling right away. The team will get the system back up and running as soon as possible to make sure everyone stays cool this summer.

5 HVAC Sounds That Mean Trouble

When the HVAC system is working correctly, it’s generally pretty quiet. If homeowners are hearing sounds that aren’t normal, or the HVAC system is sounding louder than usual, it could be signaling a problem that needs to be fixed. Keep an ear open for these sounds:

  1. Squealing

If the blower motor is producing a squealing or screeching noise, it could be the result of a bad belt or motor bearing issues. The blower won’t turn if the belt is broken, so belts should be checked and replaced as needed.

  1. Clanking

Loud, banging noises generally point to an issue with the blower assembly or motor. A loose component in the system will create a rattling noise. If this happens, call Diamond Heating and Cooling to fix the loose or broken component.

  1. Thumping

If there’s a noise similar to a playing card hitting the spokes on a bicycle, something is impacting the blower blades. It could either be stuck or contacting something when the blower turns. This can cause the motor to wear out faster and need replaced sooner.

  1. Clicking

While clicking is usually a normal sound when the system turns on and off, if it is repetitive, there could be an issue. Repetitive clicking from the control panel or outside compressor could mean a relay is defective.

  1.  Rattling

If there’s a rattling sound when the fan turns on, there could be loose hardware or a failing motor. The seriousness of the issue can generally be measured by how loud the sound is. If the noise is more like a scream, the compressor could be failing.

Homeowners who hear any of the above sounds should contact Diamond Heating and Cooling. They will inspect the HVAC system and fix the problem. To prevent issues like this in the future, have the experts at Diamond Heating and Cooling regularly service the HVAC system. Regular service can help cut down on repair and energy costs.

Rusty Coils and Freon Leaks

Often, homeowners find rust on their air conditioner coil, and begin to worry about a Freon leak. On older coils, rust is natural. However, if the coil is newer and there is a significant amount of rust on it, that could be an indication of a Freon leak.

Newer coils permeated with rust could be experiencing Freon leaks that are freezing over and rusting the coil. There is a lot happening in the coil while it tries to cool the air, making it a hostile environment. The erosion, thermal cycling and stress can contribute to evaporator coil failure. If it does fail, it is likely to cause a Freon leak.

However, most people don’t need to worry too much about Freon leaks compromising their health. Those with a history of heart problems are the most at risk when exposed to very high concentrations of Freon. They can experience heart palpitations and an irregular heartbeat. If it is a small amount, there really isn’t any cause for concern. It also has no known long term health consequences.

Small Freon leaks can be tolerated up to 12 months, and usually aren’t repaired. More Freon is added during the spring in this case. However, large leaks can be problematic. One way homeowners can tell if there’s a possible Freon leak is if the air conditioner isn’t pumping out enough cold air.

To catch this early, or even prevent it from happening, annual air conditioner maintenance should be done. Diamond Heating and Cooling checks the coil cleanliness during their safety inspection of the air conditioning unit. They also assess the Freon levels during maintenance.

Whether homeowners simply need a safety inspection or a system rejuvenation, Diamond Heating and Cooling has them covered. Homeowners can also save money by signing up for Diamond Heating and Cooling’s Silver Membership Club. For just $11.95 per month, Diamond Heating and Cooling will come out twice a year to preform A/C and furnace maintenance. Also, club members get 20% off repairs along with other savings. Never worry about Freon leaks with this amazing maintenance plan.

Why is the Furnace Short Cycling?

If the furnace is kicking on and off frequently, it could be short cycling. If this issue isn’t fixed in a timely manner, it could cause lasting damage to the HVAC system. Generally, the heating system should be running three to six times an hour. If it’s more than that, there is usually a problem.

It doesn’t just point to one problem though, it could signal a variety of furnace problems. Homeowners can do some simple troubleshooting to see what the issue could be before calling Diamond Heating and Cooling.

Start by looking at the air filter. This is usually the culprit when the furnace starts short cycling. The good news is that it’s also the easiest to fix. If the filter hasn’t been cleaner or changed in a while, the air can’t get through, impacting the efficiency of the furnace. Changing the air filter should fix the issue right away.

If the filter isn’t the issue, it could be a problem with the thermostat instead of the unit. Check the settings to make sure they are set correctly. If the thermostat is being hit by the sun or is close to a heat source, it could turn off simply because it senses the home is too warm.

If the thermostat is set correctly, it could be one of the following issues:

  • Corroded flame sensor
  • Improperly sized heating system
  • Foreign objects in the chimney or air vents

At this point, it’s time to call Diamond Heating and Cooling. The problem is most likely with the unit, and should be fixed by an HVAC professional. Diamond Heating and Cooling can diagnose the problem and get the system running correctly. If the system is the incorrect size for the home, they can also install a brand new HVAC system.

One way to limit the issues a heating and cooling system experiences, is to get on Diamond Heating and Cooling’s HVAC maintenance plan. Visit their website to learn more about their Silver Membership Club and how it can save homeowners a ton of money on heating and cooling related expenses.

Choosing an HVAC System

When it comes time to replace the HVAC system, choosing a new one can be an overwhelming task. There are different types of systems, a variety of brands, and they all have different price points. Take these steps to choose the right system:

  1. Do some homework

Homeowners should determine their heating and cooling needs before selecting a system. By measuring the space of the home, it will help determine the amount of power required in the system.

  1. Create a budget

Sometimes the HVAC unit can die at the worst possible time financially. So when the budget might be a bit tighter, homeowners should stick to essentials. Extra costs such as a humidification or filtration systems may need to be put aside.

  1. Keep it simple

When looking at systems, remember that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Too large of a system won’t be efficient and will wear down faster. Also, shoot for quality. It might cost a little more to get the system with a good warranty, but often it will be helpful later on.

  1. Stay local

Staying local when buying an HVAC system is great when it needs serviced or repaired. Local HVAC companies also tend to have better prices.

Need help with purchase and installation of an HVAC system? The technicians at Diamond Heating and Cooling are the experts in the Treasure Valley. They also have financing options from 21 months same as cash to a 60 month finance program with payments as low as $100/month per $5,000 financed.

Fixing Noisy AC units

Although air conditioning systems make some noise while running, if the volume increases or frequnecy, there could be something wrong with the system. With so many different components to the AC unit, there could be a variety of problems causing it to be louder than normal.

Compressor Motor

When the compressor motor starts to develop problems, the motor can start to rattle, causing excess noise. If this is the case, the noise will usually only occur when the system is starting or shutting off.

Fan Motor

Both the inside and outside air conditioning units have fan motors, which may start making noise when they need lubrication. The bearing could also be going bad in the motor.

Fan Cage

If the cage surrounding the fans becomes damaged, the blades may rub against it. This creates excessive noise and can cause issues.

Fan Blades

The air conditioning fan blades can also get bent and damaged from debris. By clearing away bushes and low-hanging branches from the outside AC unit, debris will be kept away from the fan blades.

If the AC unit starts making worrisome sounds, contact Diamond Heating and Cooling a call. They can figure out why it’s being more vocal than usual and fix the problem.